Friday, 8 October 2010

Satin and Stilettos...

At Icon Interiors, we are always trying to find quirky elements for our design schemes, and this elegant four poster bed in ink satin is certainly one of a kind. Aiveen Daly - see the website - is a bespoke furniture maker and upholsterer, specialising in glamorous pieces echoing 1920's and 30's style.

Using a combination of silver studs and pearls, simple geometric patterns are used on headboards and chairs. The Stiletto is a signature chair, adorned with satin gathered in a 'love knot' to mimic a fabulous evening gown.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

A Jewel at Decorex 2010

Decorex is the premier interior design exhibition of the year, and one of the jewels of this year's show was Rocio Moreno's beautiful fabrics. These woven indian silks use traditional techniques as the weavers continue to work the complex technique of brocade by hand, in the same way as they were produced in the XV and XVI centuries in Venice and other eastern countries.

This type of silk cloth is loomed with a double-warp and a specially treated silk, creating its extraordinary beauty and lustrous satin finish. Today they continue weaving silks and tapestries for temples and palaces, like those of the Dalai Lama and the Nepalese royal family.

The brocade fabrics have strong indian influences and symbolism, and yet the collection also contains vibrant abstract prints, reminiscent of Rothko paintings. The fabrics can be used as traditional soft furnishings, wall hangings, artwork and for haute couture. The traditional figurative fabrics and the contemporary blocks of colour will work in both modern and traditional interiors.

The vibrancy of the colour range is a welcome change from the safe neutral designs which have become ubiquitous in UK design.