Monday, 24 January 2011

Contemporary Oriental

At Icon Interiors, we often blend classic and contemporary styles to create modern interiors with classical elements. We can also create this juxtaposition with oriental styles, and layering eastern and western influences to create an eclectic interior design scheme.

One of our great passions is Japanese furniture, and we are always seeking suppliers who can provide authentic pieces. Biden Designs presents rare and stunningly beautiful interior products from Japan, and supplies lacquered furniture, kimono screens, light sculptures, calligraphy works, woven wood wall coverings and block printed paper. All products are made with exquisite traditional artisanship and carefully chosen to suit today’s interiors.

The key to achieving this look is balance. Use contemporary wallpapers such as woven grasspapers with geometric designs. The traditional elements can be introduced in the form of antique tansu cabinetry, and decorative artwork, such as calligraphy or screens. Another contemporary twist can be introduced by choosing organic, modern lighting sculptures.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Hot Bed of Design...?!

At Icon Interiors, we are often asked by our clients to create feature walls in their master bedrooms or boutique hotel rooms. Upholstering a whole wall in silk or velvet can often create an amazing focal point, or we may use colonial style four poster beds swathed in sheer muslin.

However, nothing would have quite the same impact as the new range of beds from Christopher Guy, who have taken opulence to a new level. These large scale, ornately carved beds would work beautifully with any classic/contemporary theme. See for further details.