Sunday, 7 November 2010

Quadro, New Quadro...

At Icon Interiors, we are often asked by clients to balance classical designs with contemporary interiors. A perfect solution to this dilemma is to adapt traditional cabinet making techniques to a modular format, and accessorise with luxury finishes.

This Quadro system by Annibale Colombo is hand made in their Milan workshop, and yet each 'square' forms a modular arrangement which can be adapted to suit any space. The designs can be in cherry wood, with additional touches such as leather, macassar ebony or lalique motifs to ensure that each piece is truly bespoke.

Established over 200 years ago, Annibale Colombo was founded in Brianza during the period when the nobility from the nearby Milan, in love with the refined tastes of XVIII century France, commissioned reproductions of the furniture made by the great cabinet-makers in the recent bygone years. Thus giving great impetus to the already existing, though not yet refined, local traditions. We can now access these skills for modern commissions on behalf of our clients.

Marchetti in Milan

When employing an interior designer, clients should always have access to a much broader range of design resources, both in the UK and worldwide. At Icon Interiors, we are always looking to expand our offerings to clients, and go on frequent sourcing trips to Europe.

During our recent trip to Milan, we discovered these beautiful crystal lighting designs by Marchetti. The traditional crystals are now being used in contemporary ways with iconic shapes and futuristic designs.

On the left, the Brillo floor lamps are statement pieces and can also be suspended in groups of three to form a wonderful centrepiece in an entrance hall. On the right, the Diamante pendant light is a dramatic focal point when suspended over a dining table or in a linear display in a large hallway.

The futuristic Planet pendant light is constructed with flat slivers of glass to form a spherical shape, and lifts this classic interior with its contemporary design.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Mussi in Milan...

At Icon Interiors, we are always searching for interesting products which are not easily available in the UK. As interior designers, we know our clients employ us to find distinctive products for their homes as well as ensuring these items have an authentic design ethic.

During a recent sourcing trip to Milan, we visited the factory of Mussi furniture, and met the designers as well as the production team.

Based on the principles of Bauhaus, the Mussi design ethic is an exquisite balance of form and function. The combination of technology and fine craftsmanship, tradition and innovation, new materials and luxurious finishes are all elements of the process involved in creating signature Mussi pieces. For further details of sofas and upholstered furniture, see