About Icon

With our classic / contemporary interior design style Icon Interiors will ensure you achieve a beautiful design for your home – appropriate to how you live and within your budget, either for a total refurbishment or a single room.  We view any interiors project as a whole space, considering Lighting and Audio-Visual planning at the concept stage. This ensures a coherent design throughout.

Icon Interiors can also design your garden, which will become an additional room by reflecting the interior style of your home, blurring the boundaries between your interior and exterior living space.

The Icon Interiors approach is grounded, pragmatic and based around the lives of the client.  The client is always in control– we work with the client to define the client's own style and welcome as much input as possible in the design process instead of imposing our own design ethos.

Icon Interiors can source reliable contractors, organize quotations, order products, co-ordinate deliveries, and suggest ways of allocating the budget to maximise the effect.