Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Getting all visual...

Communicating a design to a client can be one of the most challenging aspects of the interior design process, and using floor plans and sketches can only communicate a certain amount of information. When specific and scaled detail is required, we can provide photo realistic drawings of how a room or space will look before the design is signed off and implemented.
The top left hand drawing is of the honeymoon suite at Wasing Park, and was shown to clients as a marketing tool whilst the wedding and conference venue was being renovated to ensure the venue was pre-booked for months in advance prior to the launch date.
The second drawing is by Jarvis Design, and is a beautiful, yet functional rendering of an apartment. Using visuals with this level of detail allows the client and designer to discuss how the space is divided and ensure 'flow' between each room. It is much cheaper to change the design at this stage, rather than during the build stage, and expensive mistakes can be avoided.
Using this level of detail also allows interior design issues to be dealt with, in terms of furniture placement, lighting plans, anticipating delivery problems, natural light in each room, and so on. The apartment can also be seen as a coherent entity, and the design can be considered for the whole space rather than individual rooms.

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