Monday, 7 June 2010

Contemporary Fireplaces

Sourcing the right kind of fireplace is key to defining the particular style of a room. The kinetic light offered by a fire is often a focal point, and careful thought should be given to the design.
These beautiful designs by Kal Fires can incorporate other functions, such as display alcoves and audio-visual systems by designing additional bespoke cabinetry. They work particularly well in contemporary interiors, and a variety of materials can be used to create wonderful compositions. As you can see in these images, the aperture of the fireplace is offset to create an asymmetrical design.

At Icon Interiors, we are currently specifying these products for sitting rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. They would also work wonderfully in ski chalets or country cottages, with lots of log storage.
This corner fireplace would also work well in a modern London apartment, and can be teamed with contemporary plasterwork to create a major focal point.

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  1. Absolutely think out of the box fireplace designs!

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