Monday, 12 July 2010

Contemporary Chinoiserie...

The Chinoiserie style was at its height from 1750 to 1765, and was inspired by art and design from China, Japan and other Asian countries. In the 18th century porcelain, silk and lacquerware imported from China and Japan were extremely fashionable. This led many British designers and craftsmen to imitate Asian designs and to create their own fanciful versions of the East.

This trend of constantly re-interpreting the chinoiserie style continues to this day, with beautiful bespoke designs being offered by Fromental. The designs range from classical scenes to ornately embellished designs in regal colours.

These intricate designs work in contemporary homes when the wallpaper itself is treated as artwork, and furniture and soft furnishings should be simple and understated. The pared down designs of cherry blossom and willow trees are iconic chinese and japanese images, which suit modern interiors.

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