Monday, 28 February 2011

Sculpted Walls...

For clients looking for a luxury finish, which works well in both traditional buildings and modern interiors, we often specify polished plaster. The smooth polished finish is similar to the marmorino stucco, used extensively in northern Italy during the Renaissance period as a wall finish and a background for the ornate frescoes.

It is this combination of material and technique that is now widely regarded as Venetian plaster. The final appearance of this finish is very dependent on the hand of the individual applicator, making it possible to achieve anything from a plain, lightly polished surface to a more highly burred and marbleised effect.

Armourcoat are a leading international brand for a variety of specialist finishes, with products ranging from traditional techniques to modern sculptural pieces. Armourcoat Sculptural is a range of seamless sculptural wall surface designs. The technique combines traditional hand sculpting with CAD to create designs that fit together with total accuracy yet retain the essence of being hand crafted.

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