Wednesday, 8 June 2011

An Aga Saga...

One of the interesting parts of our interior design business at Icon Interiors, is working with clients to design a bespoke kitchen. Our painted kitchens can be styled with contemporary stainless steel fittings or be transformed into a country style kitchen by including traditional items such as an Aga or a Rayburn.

These traditional ovens can be fuelled by a variety of sources, such as gas, oil and wood burning - they can also be converted to electrical supply, which can be an attractive option given recent oil price rises. It also is possible to re-engineer solid fuel cookers to run on oil or gas, and vice versa. It is also possible to switch between fuel types. Lately, there has been an increasing demand for electric AGA cookers running off a simple 13 amp circuit. AGA Twyford in conjunction with AGA Rangemaster Ltd., are in the forefront of this technology and can offer fully authorized on site conversions as
well as detailed factory changeovers together with complete or partial renovations.It is important to find a reputable supplier and conversion company for all of these products as there are many considerations to be taken into account, ie ventilation, placement, and maintenance.

AGA Twyford Limited (formerly Twyford Cookers) was started by Ian & Rose Norman in 1990 and is the only Aga cooker renovating company authorized by AGA Rangemaster Ltd. to carry out the worldwide professional restoration of AGA cookers. See their website for further details.

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