Thursday, 30 June 2011

Charles Lutyens - Outraged Christ Sculpture

At Icon Interiors, we are constantly looking at the art world for inspiration, and this powerful installation by Charles Lutyens at St Paul's Church Bow Common in London is an inspiring piece of work.

Named the “Outraged Christ”, this wooden sculpture of Christ crucified stands 15ft tall and is made of soft and hard ‘found’ wood beams and planks, split by axe and intuitively applied to the body of the sculpture by drilling and dowelling, using a construction adhesive and shaped largely by chainsaw and broad chisel.

Lutyens created the head 30 years ago and held its image and intent in his mind for most of this time. 5 years ago he began to explore the sculpture further.

More generally Crucifixions depict suffering, wounded or dead, ‘sleeping’, sweet and beautiful or apparently forgiving Christs. However, in the course of work Lutyens’ sculpture has grown into an “Outraged Christ”. For him this interpretation is significant and relevant for our present times, and resonates particularly with the question “what are we doing”?

Charles Lutyens - - is an artist working with various media, including painting, sculpture and mosaics.

Exhibition of work by Charles Lutyens - 25th June to 23rd July 2011 St. Paul’s Church, Bow Common, Burdett Road, Bow, London E3. Open Wednesdays - Saturdays 11am to 7pm

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