Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Bespoke Flooring

Our product focus today is bespoke flooring, and Weldon flooring specialise in wooden floors inlaid with marquetry and parquetry.

These beautiful floors are to be found in Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace, but scaled down designs will also suit a residential interior. We have just specified the starburst marquetry motif for a client's entrance hall, and have designed intertwined initials to personalise the design.
These classical designs are timeless, and work beautifully with other textures, and we have teamed this walnut flooring with silk wallpaper and sentousai tiles sourced from Japan, to enhance the classic/contemporary style.
Furniture sourced from the Linley Helix range compliment this flooring, and ensures the design is coherent throughout the apartment. Bespoke carpets in silk and bamboo were used in the bedrooms to soften the scheme.

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