Thursday, 8 April 2010


When considering re-designing a room, an essential part of the process is the lighting plan. However much budget is allocated to furniture and soft furnishings, if they are not lit correctly, money will be wasted.

Lighting should be layered, and consideration should be given to ambient, task, decorative and kinetic light. Specialist lighting designers such as John Cullen Lighting (see images) design ambient lighting schemes for all budgets.

At Icon, we always ensure our lighting designs incorporate ceiling mounted down lighters, angled around the perimeter of each ceiling to accentuate the silk wallpaper and artworks. We also ensure we highlight bespoke furnishings and window treatments with directional down lighters.

These ambient lighting schemes should also be layered with decorative signature lighting. This Paradise Plafonnier decorative light by Bella Figura has been specified for our client as a focal point above a dining table. A signature pendant or contemporary chandelier can also define an area within a large space.

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