Monday, 5 April 2010

Icon Interiors was founded in 2003 when Tracy Leach, tired from working as a foreign exchange dealer for JP Morgan, decided to turn her hand to interiors. After studying interior design in London, Icon Interiors was born. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, with a recent move to new premises and a new addition to the team – Patricia Moran.

Icon Interiors has developed a classic yet contemporary interior design style for many homes in London and the South, though it will also consider projects throughout the UK.

Icon Interiors ensures its clients achieve a beautiful design for their home that is appropriate to ow they live and that is also within their specified budget. Projects can range from a total house refurbishment (if you’re feeling flush) to the re-design of a single room, with everything based on the knowledge that good interior design makes people look good in their environment.

Viewing the house as a whole space rather than as individual rooms will ensure a flowing design is achieved throughout.

Integral Lighting and Audio-Visual planning should always be part of the design process at the concept stage.

Icon Interiors’ approach is grounded, pragmatic and based around the lives of its clients. The style is fresh and contemporary, taking a balanced approach and managing the whole project from beginning to end, using reliable and skilled contractors and tradespeople.

Icon Interiors also makes sure the client, is in control. Rather than seeking to impose ideas upon them, Icon Interiors makes full use of the consultation process to apply its experience to the clients’ own ideas and requirements. Each project is planned in a methodical way avoiding impulse purchases or expensive mistakes.

The aim is to define the client’s own style and welcome as much input as possible in the concept stages, often involving trips to bespoke trade suppliers around the UK. As a matter of course, Icon Interiors always obtains quotations from reliable, qualified contractors, order all the products, organise deliveries and plan the budget allocation to maximise results.

So, it looks like there is life after JP Morgan after all – and a pretty successful one at that.

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