Monday, 26 April 2010

The Specification Stage

For larger refurbishment projects, further detailed specification may be required beyond the basic details in Design Stage 1. This may include detailed drawings for bespoke cabinetry, furniture design, original flooring design, bespoke lighting design, and so on. Contractors require detailed specifications for any bespoke item, and CAD drawings and a finishes schedule are require for each item, to ensure the client’s exact requirements are met.

If bespoke wallpapers or fabrics are being designed, visits to the workshops and samples will be created to ensure the final design is documented. Special artwork or photography commissions may also be ordered at this stage, and meeting with artists and photographers can be arranged.


A 3D rendered drawing is often the most helpful tool to help communicate a design. The basic furniture layout plan from Design Stage 1 can be extruded and rendered in a photo-realistic way to show how the final design concept will look. These advanced drawings can show how a space flows from one room to another. Alternatively, a specific detail of the design, such as bespoke furniture, can be visualized in 3D to confirm the design choices.

When designing a boutique hotel or show house, these rendered drawings are essential for client marketing purposes to encourage advance bookings and/or purchases prior to the project being finished.

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