Monday, 26 April 2010

Getting a bit practical...

When managing an interior design project, the creative element of the process is only a small part of the work involved. We spend most of our time on project management, and this part of the process can is crucial to a successful outcome and a happy client.

We approach our projects in an analytical way, and divide the process into 3 Steps:

Step 1 - Design
After carefully defining the client brief and budget, we survey the space and begin the creative process and the design begins to evolve. A mood board or presentation will be created to shwo the design inspiration, proudcts will be sourced and sam-ples collected to add detail to the design.

Step 2 - Specify
For larger projects, a more detailed specification may be required. This may include photo-realistic visuals of how the completed design will look, CAD drawings for bespoke furniture, and detailed finishes schedules for flooring, walls, windows, lighitng, joinery, fabric and artwork.

Step 3 - Implementation
At this stage, our site manage will produce a work schedule, goods are ordered, contractors are appointed. the project is coordinated and finishes are monitored to ensure the smooth handover of a beautifully designed space.

Watch out for our next blog post for further details of each stage.

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